The Love For a Sister and a Cat

My sister is graduating in May and like a good sister that I am, I made her a gift. For this genius hour I made my sister a counted cross stitch picture.

I first learned to counter cross stitch this year. I learned how to counted cross stitch in Exploratory class taught by Mrs. Krebs.

My sister’s favorite animal is a cat. She has 2 cats at home and she loves them dearly. In my unfinished cross stitch picture I stitched meow because she always meows at her cats.

In the O in the word MEOW I am going to stitch a softball because softball is her favorite sport.

I was not good at it at first but I got the hang of it after awhile. Now I love to cross stitch and I am teachings others how to do it also!

I just got finished with my cross stitch picture. In exploratory class I made the picture frame, too. This fall when my sister goes to college she will hang it up in her dorm room.

This is my finished product of my cross stitch picture.

This is my finished product of my cross stitch picture.

Technology Student Association

This week Monday and Tuesday we went to Altoona, Iowa, to go to a state TSA conference.

You may be wondering what is TSA? TSA stands for Technology Student Association. All of the junior high and some of the high school go to Altoona, Iowa, and compete in all different sorts of competitions.

The competitions I competed in were Digital Photography, Community Service Video, and Structural Engineering.

Overall our middle school get first at the state conference!

Here is a picture of our junior high chapter team.TSA you can visit this we

You can visit this website to learn more about TSA. Maybe you can get your school participated in it too if you are from Iowa!


The junior high went to Remsen on Tuesday April 2 to listen to a speaker talk about the Holocaust. Unlike any other speaker, this speaker was one of the few Holocaust survivors. His name is Philip Gans.

The Holocaust began in 1933. Philip Gans was between the ages of 14 and 17 when the Holocaust happened.

Philip was released by Allies in 1945.

Here is a video of the story that Philip Gans told me himself. I encourage you to watch it and think about.. Are you truly starving? Are you truly tired?


“Take courage it is I do not be afraid.” Christ said in Mark 6:50.

In religion class we were to pick out a bible verse where Jesus is talking and to illustrate that verse.

Go to to read more about Mark 6:50

This occurred at the beginning of the time when Jesus started to gather his apostles.

This scripture verse is important to me because Jesus makes me feel welcome in his presence when he says “Take courage it is I do not be afraid”

This scripture verse means a lot to me because it was one of Jesus’ miracles. Peter came out of the ship and tried to walk on the water and called out to Jesus for help. Jesus helped him and when they got back to the ship the storm stopped.


Dear Lord,

I thank you for all you have done for me. Just like you helped Peter in this passage, you help me too even when I don’t ask for it. Without you I would not be where I am today. You have helped me get through thick and thin just like a best friend would.


Incorporating Music with Genius Hour

When I was little about second grade I would sit down stairs and listen to my sister play piano. I wondered, how does she do that? I had always wanted to take piano lessons and learn how to play piano but I never had the time for lessons.

Six years later January, 5 2013 I learn to play the piano.

I have a friend that is talented with piano so this Genius Hour he taught me how to play piano. He doesn’t know how to use iMovie so I taught him how to use iMovie. We made a video of my accomplishments through-out 3 genius hours.

I am not usually a big fan of Adele but he taught me how to play “Someone Like You” by Adele on Piano. He was very patient with  me because I am not very talented in the musical department.

All in all everything turned out well. We both learned something new. Isn’t that what genius hour is all about?

In a World of Smartphones

How many of you have smartphones?

A smartphone is used for many different reasons. They have apps such as Angry Birds, NBA JAM, iFunny, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more apps. It not only has apps, you can play songs and take pictures on them too!

If you want to be safe, you can purchase a case for your smartphone.

I like to think of a smartphone as mini computer.A smartphone will do anything a computer can do.

My friend and I decided to get adventurous and used our photography skills to take a picture of a collage we created of every ones smartphones in the Junior High of a total of 24 students.



My 12 favorite teachers:

1. Mrs. Denise Krebs

2. Mrs. Denise Krebs

3. Mrs. Denise Krebs

4. Mrs. Denise Krebs

5. Mrs. Denise Krebs

6. Mrs. Denise Krebs

7. Mrs. Denise Krebs

8. Mrs. Denise Krebs

9. Mrs. Denise Krebs

10. Mrs. Denise Krebs

11. Mrs. Denise Krebs

12. Mrs. Denise Krebs

The Season Of Winter

As fall is coming to an end, we get ready for winter. Fall was a great run but I am ready for winter. Winter is the time the temperature starts to decrease and the snow starts to increase. Our winters are usually pretty snowy. Some winters we get no snow, other winters we get blizzards. It all depends on who you ask some people love the cold snowy weather others don’t. Winter is the season I love the most!

winter landscape