Technology Student Association

This week Monday and Tuesday we went to Altoona, Iowa, to go to a state TSA conference.

You may be wondering what is TSA? TSA stands for Technology Student Association. All of the junior high and some of the high school go to Altoona, Iowa, and compete in all different sorts of competitions.

The competitions I competed in were Digital Photography, Community Service Video, and Structural Engineering.

Overall our middle school get first at the state conference!

Here is a picture of our junior high chapter team.TSA you can visit this we

You can visit this website to learn more about TSA. Maybe you can get your school participated in it too if you are from Iowa!

One thought on “Technology Student Association

  1. Dear Lauren,
    You did great in all your competitions! I like that you have fun, but you know how to work hard too. Great qualities.

    Good job explaining TSA in this post.

    Mrs. Krebs

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