Fighting for a Cure

To help raise money for the American Cancer Society our school put together a relay recess. You may be wondering what is a relay recess? Relay Recess is cancer education and community service in the classroom.

The eighth grade class put together what we call “Education Stations”. Education station is a short 15 minutes that educates children to prevent cancer. There were 4 stations that taught a little bit more on how to prevent cancer.

People all around the world are getting diagnosed with cancer by the second. Relay Recess is to help raise money for the American Cancer Society so they can find a cure to this horrible disease. All together we raised 1,750 dollars from this event.

From my experience I learned that if you work hard at what you believe in you will be successful. We are just one small eighth grade class with a maximum amount of 17 people but we a raised 1,750 dollars! Now that’s success.

2 thoughts on “Fighting for a Cure

  1. I’ll say, Lauren! That is a great post. I love how you noticed it was 17 people raising more than $1700. I hadn’t yet realized that your class raised over $100 per capita. Brava, Lauren!

    Mrs. Krebs

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