My Personal History Museum

In class we were told to bring items from our personal history. I decided to bring the things that were most important to me.

What all of my items are sitting on is my first blanket. I got this blanket from my godmother.

I brought my basketball trophies because basketball is my favorite sport. The trophy on the far left is from my free throw competition. I got first in my category. I have two of those trophies because I went to the competition twice. The metals and ribbons are from other sports that I have competed in.

My faith is very important to me so I brought a cross and a bible. I also brought my very first rosary that I have ever received.

If you would like to check out my Family’s History Museum you can check out my flickr page.

I hope you enjoyed my tour of my personal history museum.(:

12 thoughts on “My Personal History Museum

  1. Lauren,
    Thanks for the virtual tour via a blog! Also, thanks for writing about your class blogging on the whiteboard. I’m sure learning alongside Mrs. Krebs you’ve realized some of your genius… For writing, basketball, dedication, and self-awareness. It’s good to be happy with who you are, your family, and your talents as well! Enjoy your year!
    All the best,
    Mrs. Kirr

    • Mrs. Kirr,
      Thank you for visiting my blog. Mrs. Krebs has taught me that not only I can be a genius, but that we all can be geniuses as well. I hope you have a great rest of the year as well!

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  3. Hi Lauren!
    I think it was a great idea for students to have a personal history museum! You seem to really like basketball! When did you start playing? Anyways, come visit our class blog! Our class is new to blogging, but we are getting better at it from visting other blogs. Visit us at
    ~ Michaela

    • Hey!
      I had a lot of fun doing my personal history museum but I would have to say I had more fun doing my families history museum. I learned a lot about my families history that I never new. Haha yes, I do love basketball! I was never on a team until 5th grade but I have been playing it since I could probably shoot a basketball. I have an older brother I always shot with. Blogging is a great way to communicate to other people around the world. I hope you all love it as much as I do. I will have to check out your class blog sometime. You’re doing a great job!

  4. Hi Lauren,
    I see you like to play basketball. That is also my favorite sport. I play with my dad at a gym. Do like to play five on five? That is a nice blanket. I got my first blanket from my grandmother. Well, keep playing basketball and you should come visit our blog


    • Donovan, After my brother left for college I started going to the gym with my best friend. Her dad is our high school basketball coach. He teaches us a lot of new moves and tricks to basketball. I like to play five on five rather than one on one because there are more people to play with. Did you play basketball in high school? Hope to hear back from you.

  5. Lauren, my name is Kayla Parazine, and I live in Mobile, Alabama. I am a student at the University of South Alabama studying to become and elementary teacher. First of all, I love your page! So very decorative and fun! Your personal history museum was very interesting. I feel like I know so much about you and have never met you. I can not relate so much with you on basketball, but I can on my faith. That is the most important thing in my life also. It is encouraging to hear that from a girl your age. Keep it up! The Lord is good, He is so faithful! Hope to hear back from you, I left my e-mail above.

    Kayla Parazine

    • Kayla, Thank you! I loved doing the museum I have met a lot of people like me because of it that have commented on my blog. Basketball is not a sport for everyone. I come from a holy family that taught me my faith was the most important thing. I hope you are having a great school year! I wish you the best in your future of being an elementary school teacher.

  6. Hi Lauren!
    You must be really good at basketball. I also enjoy to play. At our school we have sports and last year I was on the basketball team. What was the name of the hoop shoot contest? We participate in the Elk’s Hoops Shoot at our school and I have previously won, too.
    ~Megan B.
    P.S. I also like the cheetah backround! (:


    I also love basketball and play a lot with my brother. I did the free throw contest a few years ago and got 2nd place. I go to a catholic school and my faith is also very important to me. I really like your blog and you should check out ours at


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