Oh what fun Building and Designing a barn quilt could be!

For the past two weeks my classmates and I have been designing and painting a barn quilt. There are many steps into making a barn quilt. Here are the steps that we followed into making a our barn quilts.

First, you need to sand the plywood and then put a primer coat of white paint over top. The primer paint seals the wood and then you paint on the regular paint.

Next, we painted a border of black paint to make it look nice and sharp.

While we were waiting for the paint to dry, we started planning out our design. We were separated into four different groups. Each group picked a different design to design the barn quilt. You need to be sure you pick a design that works well with the rough wood.


To make the painting job easier, we used masking tape to guide us into the right direction where and what to paint.

One coat was not enough of paint. Some needed two or three coats.

After all was finished, we donated all the barn quilts to our school fundraiser. This was a great way to earn money for our school, and we enjoyed doing it.

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